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2XU: Meet the brand

TCL team

Compression is big in the sporting world, having made itself known as a performance-enhancing, recovery-promoting tool. There are plenty of brands to choose from but one of Wiggle’s bestselling brands is 2XU. We’re the first to note that compared to others, 2XU is not cheap. But when it comes to sports kit it’s not about price, it’s about what works – it’s about #goodstuff. This is what makes 2XU such a hit!

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What makes Mizuno footwear so comfortable?

Mizuno header

Mizuno prides itself on its detailed approach to product technology and development. This passion and focus is why Mizuno produces some of the best run kit that money can buy. But as much as we love that Mizuno’s technologies keep our feet and bodies comfortable, trying to understand it all makes our heads hurt! So we’re here to make it a bit easier.

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