Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games – Jarid Hixon Blog: Part 1

By: Jon Cannings


It has occurred to me that I have the least experience in all three disciplines out of all of the “Wigglers” involved in the Sport Relief Triathlon, so with little over six weeks to get to the pinnacle of fitness I thought I should start training… HARD!

I took the opportunity to get a couple of my work colleagues to come swimming with me after work; after all the idea is to get people active right? So with a 1hr 45 mins slot available at the local leisure centre, I set myself the challenge of swimming 100 lengths (2500m). I thought the target was ambitious but not unattainable. Disaster struck at around the 40 lap mark when my work friend had a terrible bout of cramp! After rolling around the poolside making strange noises, he decided to call it a day. I carried on until 60 lengths (1500m) and did the same.

I now know that I can complete the distance required, but my challenge is to be able to do so without stopping every 200m for a breather. I also ended up doing breaststroke, as I seem to have lost the knack for front crawl! Progress often comes in small steps!

Will keep you posted!


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