James Braid – Review: Assos Compression Socks

By: guestblogger


James Braid is one of Wiggle’s endurance specialists; winning the Wiggle Mountain Mayhem last year. Recovery is a key part of his training, and in this blog he takes a look at the Assos Compression Socks.

After breaking a collarbone in late-February my time on the bike for commuting, training and racing has been severely limited.

But by late-March the wheels are back turning and the races rolling again. So when earlier in the year Richard from the B&M team asked me to trial some compression socks I was unsure, having not used many compression garments before, where I could use this bit of kit to help me in my riding regime. However, I am now back on the bike with a pretty sudden increase in riding volume, so I believe it’s a pretty good time to review how I’ve found these socks – with some pretty tired pins to test on!

Comparing these socks to compression tights I have tried in the past, I found that the difference is their ‘compression-ability’. Tights give good support for the complete leg but I found that these socks really supported the calves with a closer feel after some high impact exercise like a short run or bumpy MTB ride. After workouts like these I found the socks at their best because they had a very supportive feel to sore muscles that were ‘bounced around’ during the workout.

With quite wiry legs and size 43 feet the 39-42 socks are a great fit – a bit of practice to get them over your heels but then you can have your feet up all day!

A great bit of kit that adds another dimension to the recovery wardrobe!


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