Avoiding the proverbial wall

Hitting the wall

I was having a race debrief with a friend of mine who competed in the Forster Long Course over the weekend. He was running me through his race – he felt good in the swim and had come out feeling strong but had a disaster on the bike. He’d dropped his nutrition and had nothing but a bottle of sports drink and a bottle of water to get him through the 90km.
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‘Marty’ Tri-umphant at Wiggle Portsmouth Triathlon



Martin McKinlay is one of our most experienced members of staff and represents the core values of what being a Wiggler is all about. Having worked at Wiggle H.Q. for a number of years as a buyer, he now works in the Far East as a sourcing manager.  His commitment to the sport of triathlon is truly inspirational.  In this blog ‘Marty’ reminisces about the 2014 Wiggle Portsmouth Triathlon.

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