• Cycle
    28 Jan 2022 / Gabriella Burden
    It's important to fuel yourself correctly before, during and after physical activity to avoid the dreaded bonk and for your body to recover quickly afterwards. There's a lot of tasty new treats out there to ensure you're fueled correctly for the challenge ahead. The general rule of thumb is to eat and hydrate at least an hour before...


  • Best run shoes 2022
    26 Jan 2022 / Gabriella Burden
    Running gives you a sense of freedom, an escape filled with fresh air and endorphins. To be able to run to the best of your ability, you need the best pair of trainers to suit your running style. Whether you've just started the couch to 5km programme or you're planning on a new marathon PB, we've got the best running shoes of 2021 to...


  • Triathlon
    20 Jan 2022 / Gabriella Burden
    What you often don't see behind the finish line smiles or world-famous achievements is the dedication, determination and perseverance it took to get there. The long hours, the mental battles and the process it took to succeed. The commitments, the sacrifices and the doubts that a person goes through to get to that end point. So, what does it...