• Cycle
    02 Mar 2021
    With travel restricted, many of us have taken the opportunity to discover hidden gems on our doorsteps. Ultra-cyclist and British 24-hour MTB Champion Naomi Freireich shares some of her highlights. If lockdown has taught me anything, it’s how to be creative with my riding. For long periods of time, vast swaths of the country have been unable...


  • Run
    01 Mar 2021
    What's the best fuel for runners that will provide sustained energy so you don't suffer from the dreaded 'bonk?' We asked the experts at HIGH5 Sports Nutrition. HIGH5’s Slow Release Energy Range is the latest innovation in endurance nutrition. It provides you with a more sustained and durable source of energy, without the...


  • Triathlon
    12 Jan 2021 / Nassrin Chamanian
    We can't wait until triathlons start up again. We asked our community what their 'must-do' 2021 triathlon and ironman events are to give us something to look forward to when we're allowed to race again. For star treatment for all The Outlaw If you're looking for your first event, or you just love feeling like a star whether you...